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Hi Folks. I invite you to visit the vast information base that I have put together for Horse Owners, here or if you want the best Mouth available on the Planet on your Horses, go here

If you are experiencing resistance problems, bolting, running away, hard to stop and so on, please consider my latest DVD Set, 'Re-Mouthing the Horse' which runs for 7 hours and 24 minutes.

 My 'Green Horse' DVD's follow right on to Tailor into the system with controls for your safety.


DVD's for the Amatuer with 'World Class systems that work' Join the growing list of clients who start their own Horses better than Professionals.!!

and backed with the equipment to do the job.

    Revolutionizing British horse mouthing systems!!   " The Mouth is the ultimate foundation Stone -  Safety to you and your Horse. "


"Wear your Heart in your Hands"



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